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County commissioners agree more professional attitude needed

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Toward the end of the regular scheduled Logan County Commissioner’s meeting, all three commissioners agreed they needed to have a more professional attitude toward each other.

County CommissionesNote: The entire video of the meeting can be found at the bottom of this article. GNP has made video reference times for easier access in locating discussion.

The three commissioners, Marven Goodman (Dist.1), Mike Pearson (Dist. 2) and Monty Piercy (Dist. 3) could be heard with snide remarks and banter.

The remarks and back-and-forth banter slanted toward the ways previous commissioners handled their business. (Video reference 1:38:38)

“Just because you all have been doing things the same way for 40 years doesn’t necessary mean their right,” Goodman said who is in his first full month for district one since being elected in June.

Piercy responded, “Just because you came in here and think it ought to be this way does not mean it is right either.”

Emergency Management Director

Goodman requested the agenda item requesting to receive a monthly update from Emergency Manager David Ball on items such as fire districts, standard operating procedures and emergency operations center. However, Pearson suggested the updates should continue to come bi-monthly. However, since it was not an action item no vote was taken. (Video reference 12:50).

Speaking to Ball, Goodman was wanting Ball to make contact with County Clerk Troy Cole in regards to a list of fire equipment inventory from the county fire departments. However, Piercy quickly told Ball, “David, I don’t think you are his secretary. If he wants it he can go over himself.” Piercy then told Goodman, “He’s not your secretary. He’s the emergency manager.” (Video reference 17:30)

Fire Apparatus and Equipment for Coyle

Commissioners voted (2-0) to lease a 2015 F550 super-cab for $143,981.56 for the Coyle Fire Department. Goodman abstained from voting and disagrees with the current county purchasing procedures.

“I think we should do what the people who wrote this book on county purchasing procedures says is right and what the state auditor says is right,” Goodman said. Piercy responded, “Well, the state auditor hasn’t had a problem with it so far.” (Video reference 1:38:38)

Appointment and Reappointments to EMS Board

Jim Overton and Barry Anderson were reappointed to the Logan County EMS I-1 Board of Trustees with a 2-1 vote. The action was tabled from the last meeting held on Jan. 15. Goodman casted the lone no vote. (Video reference 20:00)

Piercy made the motion for approval and was second by Pearson. Goodman intervened by saying “no discussion?”

Goodman spoke of a recent EMS audit and a conflict of interest. Both Piercy and Pearson said the agenda item did not revolve around an audit, but reappointments. Goodman quickly moved on to the conflict of interest with Barry Anderson being on the board.

Goodman said of Anderson, who is a bank officer for F&M Bank, “I’m not sure it is appropriate for a board member to also be a member of a banking financial institution.”

“Does your bank profit from any deposits in your bank from the county,” Goodman asked Anderson who was sitting in the audience. Anderson replied, “yes.”

Goodman donates travel allowance to highway budget

Goodman requested his commissioner’s travel allowance be donated to his district one highway budget account for the remaining of the year as well as and in force in future fiscal years as long as he is in office.

The motion was passed 2-0 with Pearson abstaining from the vote. Pearson said, “a donation is when you receive money and donate it back. I don’t believe it is worded right.” (Video reference 32:17)

Logan County Technology and Modernization Committee

Goodman requested the board consider adding the creation of the Logan County Technology and Modernization committee. The committee would make recommendations to the commissioners with plans and recommendations of where it make sense to invest, upgrade or consolidate county information systems. The committee would be chaired by a commissioner and by members of each elected county official plus the Director of Emergency Management. (Video reference 32:25)

Goodman said it is would be a similar process to the committees and processes used at the state level. At the state level, State Rep. Jason Murphey is the Chairman of the House Government Modernization Committee.

The action was tabled until the Feb. 13 commissioners meeting.

  1. Dan
    February 1, 2015 at 8:26 pm

    Glad we can look forward to putting the differences behind us and a focus on what is best for our county. Here is a video to remind us to keep our focus on what is most important and what we have in common. Thanks guys for pulling it (and therefore our county) together.


  2. February 4, 2015 at 10:56 pm


    • Dan
      February 4, 2015 at 11:17 pm

      It is not embarrassing if they see a weakness, admit it and improve on it. All three commissioners worked very well together since then and we can be proud of all of them. It would be embarrassing if they had not changed.

  3. February 5, 2015 at 9:37 am

    Pearson makes a habit of rudeness, just ask the people that needed his help after last years wildfires. A few lessons in basic manners would go a long way Mike.

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  2. February 16, 2015 at 5:54 pm
  3. February 22, 2015 at 7:42 pm

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