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Logan County receives first sales tax collection since voters approved tax in August

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taxLogan County received the first payment from the Oklahoma Tax Commission after voters approved the three-fourths county sales tax in August 2014. Read more…


Semi trucks collide on I-35, erupts in fire; one killed, two injured

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A collision involving two semi-trucks on Interstate 35 on Friday morning has left one person dead and two others injured. Read more…

Minivan catches fire in Homeland parking lot

March 31, 2015 Leave a comment

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Photographer Heath Shelton took this photo as firefighters arrived to the scene.

Photographer Heath Shelton took this photo as firefighters arrived to the scene.

A trip to the grocery store was not a fresh experience for one motorist on Monday afternoon after their vehicle caught fire in the store’s parking lot. Read more…

Saving lives, potential ambulance response changes in Logan County and volunteer firefighters

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Those driving the stretch of I-35 between Guthrie and Edmond will take note of the numerous occurrences of recent damage in the cable barriers which separate the north and southbound lanes. Each of these damage spots potentially represents a life that was saved from a crossover accident during the recent winter storms. Read more…

Video: Should all Logan County residents pay for EMS services?

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Majority of Logan County residents pay an ad valorem tax for Emergency Medical Services while others do not. Is it fair or unfair? Depends on who you ask, but the Logan County Commissioners will look to a plan that will keep all residents with ambulance services. Read more…

Guthrie Fire extinguishes shed fire

February 18, 2015 Leave a comment

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Shed FireThe Guthrie Fire Department needed about a hour to completely extinguish a shed fire on Guthrie’s east side. Read more…

Suspicious fire burns up 80 acres in Logan County

January 29, 2015 Leave a comment

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It has been a busy year already for Logan County fire departments battling grass fires. The latest wildfire not only charred up 80 acres, but the cause of the fire is under investigation. Read more…

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