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Dist. 2 Update: Logan County’s population up 10.4 percent in the last five years

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The Senate and House Appropriations Committees and representatives of the Governor are hammering out a budget as I write this (See Wednesday’s Special Update).  What is at stake for us in District 2 are 15 miles of asphalt roads and five bridges on our 5-year construction plan. The accumulation of funds in the CIRB state general funds account are on the plate for consideration to meet the shortfall in the state’s budget. Read more…

Juvenile crashes stolen car and flees the scene

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District 1: Relocating utility lines in support of expanded right-of-ways

April 27, 2015 Leave a comment

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Our road district has received excellent feedback from our residents on our upcoming road and bridge projects this week.  The right of way utility relocation continues on Coltrane between Waterloo and Seward and is contracted to be finished no later than August 6, 2015. Rural Water District 1 is currently relocating utilities in support of expanded right of way preparation. Read more…

District Two: Several projects that rely on Motor Vehicle Use Tax is in jeopardy

April 25, 2015 Leave a comment

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We have been quite busy the past few weeks due to the damage weather has caused our roads. Read more…

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District 1: $30k set aside for the Save & Pave program

April 13, 2015 Leave a comment

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The response to our new citizen groups has been very encouraging. Our road planning committee has five new members and our traffic safety committee has three new members. We are also starting to receive recommended projects for the Save & Pave program and we set aside just over $30K this month to start the program. Our district transportation safety program currently has $3,100 set aside for critical traffic control projects. We are gathering preliminary cost projections for each of the recommended projects and will discuss at our next district meeting of the road and safety committees. Look for more on that later this month as soon as we firm up schedules with the good folks at Oak Cliff Fire Station #2.  Read more…

District Two: Pothole asphalt filling has accelerated

April 11, 2015 Leave a comment

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It has been a good week in District 2. But our rock hauling has slowed. Last month we broke our record for rock with over 4500 tons (200 loads) hauled into the district. This week we had two truckers with a third on Friday replacing the closed bridge at Peebly and Simmons with a temporary culvert using our dozer and trackhoe .This is the first step towards the detour route for Luther Rd when three bridges are planned to be replaced in F’17 using CIRB Motor Vehicle Use Tax. Read more…

Two vehicle accidents sends one person to jail and another to the hospital

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Two vehicle accidents on Guthrie roads slowed traffic down for the Tuesday morning commute. One wreck involved a Guthrie school bus and an arrest while the other accident left a van in the front yard of a home. Read more…

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