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Logan County District 1: Coltrane and Simpson Lane projects continue

March 14, 2015 Leave a comment

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Logan County District 1 Town Hall Meeting.  Our first town hall meeting will be held 7-9 pm Thursday, March 26th at the Oak Cliff Fire Station #2, 12037 South Santa Fe Avenue, Edmond, OK.  The object of this first meeting is to provide our residents with a better understanding of our county road and bridge budget and gain citizen input to help establish short and long term transportation projects for our part of the county.  Agenda topics will be: introduction to the county transportation budget, save & pave program, establishing a citizen budget & operations committee, Q&A. Read more…

City officials assure EMS services for non-payers for 6-12 months

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In my last update I expressed my concern on losing ambulance services beyond the Guthrie school district boundaries. That we, in our area of the Coyle school district boundary lines and the non-paying citizens in the rest of our county, must address the issue of funding for ambulance services in the future. At our last BoCC meeting, Monday, March 2nd, this issue was discussed with the City of Guthrie (City Manager Serenah Breland and Fire Chief Eric Harlow), Dale Adkinson (state Director of EMS) and Shawn Rogers (EMS consultant).  Read more…

District 1 town hall meeting scheduled for March 26

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This week ended with two good pieces of news.  First we ended the week with much better weather giving just a tease of looking forward to springtime.  Next, we have a finalized schedule for our first town hall meeting 7-9 pm Thursday, March 26th at the Oak Cliff Fire Station #2, 12037 South Santa Fe Avenue, Edmond, OK.  Please come and join us to gain a better understanding of the county road and bridge budget and provide your input to help establish short and long term transportation projects for our part of the county.  We will furnish a detailed agenda next week and look forward to seeing you there. Read more…

Video: Should all Logan County residents pay for EMS services?

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Majority of Logan County residents pay an ad valorem tax for Emergency Medical Services while others do not. Is it fair or unfair? Depends on who you ask, but the Logan County Commissioners will look to a plan that will keep all residents with ambulance services. Read more…

District 1 update: Right of way utility relocation continues

February 28, 2015 1 comment

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This week began and ended with another blast from the north that dropped our temperatures, and threatened road conditions and the safety of our residents. Our decisions and priority of action on which roads to sand/salt/plow is a coordinated effort with our county Sheriff’s central dispatch team. They notify us, day or night, of any unsafe changes in road conditions based on real time observations. Our goal, like yours, is to help avoid or reduce the likelihood of a traffic accident. So please remember when traveling in bad weather you can help by taking extra time to arrive at your destination, check road conditions and slow down accordingly, watch out for the other guy, and most important, get there in one piece. Read more…

Business owners wanting to add liquor sales on Sundays and holidays

February 28, 2015 Leave a comment

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Logan County is one of 18 Oklahoma counties that restrict liquor by the drink on Sundays, but business owners are wanting to change that by allowing liquor sales to seven days a week. However, that Sunday afternoon drink may have to wait several more months. Read more…

County commissioner requests EMS board member to resign; EMS audit discussed

February 22, 2015 1 comment

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All parties with the Logan County Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) and the Logan County Emergency Medical Services District (EMS) agreed the 2009-13 EMS audit should have been addressed before a joint  meeting was held. During the public meeting, a county commissioner asked the EMS Chairman to resign his post. Read more…

District 1: Gravel and road maintenance crews have been active

February 22, 2015 Leave a comment

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One of our very smart farmers/rancher in our district, recommended we look at a relatively inexpensive piece of road maintenance equipment called a “Road Boss”.  It looks much like a large box blade and is pulled behind a tractor.  We checked into it and after watching a live demo it became apparent to our road maintenance team that this may work on our interior gravel roads in residential areas.  Well, we tried it out this week on Highland Hills Dr. and the neighborhood seemed very pleased with the results.  Read more…

Letter to the Editor: When one immoral tax spawns another

February 22, 2015 2 comments

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The Logan county district 2 commissioner is proposing some sort of EMS ambulance actions to take place Monday, March 2 2015 at the Logan county courthouse annex. Given the limited information available, it seems the action is intended to bringing all county school district areas not covered by an existing EMS district into the Logan County EMS district to be supported by the Guthrie FD ambulance service. Read more…

EMS discussion on residents outside of boundary lines

February 20, 2015 1 comment

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I have become aware of a critical issue that will be coming before the Board of County Commissioners on Monday, March 2, that will affect the health and safety of a large number of our rural population: Emergency Medical Services. Read more…

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