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Bow Wow Luau set for May 9 to benefit Spay and Neuter program

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The annual Bow Wow Luau is set for another year of raising awareness for the Logan County Spay and Neuter program hosted by friends of Guthrie Animals Inc.

Bow WowThis year’s event is set for May 9 at the American Legion Building (123 N. 1st Street) with a start time of 6 p.m.

Proceeds benefit many unwanted and discarded pets that find their way to local animals shelters and the spay/neuter program.

Friends of Guthrie Animals, Inc (FOGAS) wants to reduce the number of homeless and unwanted animals at local animal shelters, to promote community awareness and utilization of the spay and neuter services provided by FOGAS and to improve the quality of life for pets.

As many know, unwanted animals go without proper food, shelter and essential medical care every day due to a variety of factors.

FOGAS, founded in 2000 by Von Coburn, soley relies on donations from the community to fund the spay/neuter program. Since the inaugural year, thousands of animals have been spayed to reduce the pet overpopulation and to deter animals being dumped and forced to local animal shelters.

“We must remember and educate the public, that spay and neutering your pets is being responsible pet owner,” Coburn said.

“Fogas could not survive without the community support that we receive. Our annual luau us our biggest fund raiser and we rely on the monies raised to help the animals in Logan County.

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