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Joe Chappell 2015 Chairman, Guthrie Cares

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Joe Chappell, a long-time supporter of clean and beautiful neighborhoods, is this year’s Chairman of Neighborhood Solutions latest program “Guthrie Cares”.  Chappell, a licensed Health Care Administrator, currently serves as Vice Chairman of Neighborhood Solutions and is a founder of Highland Park Neighborhood Association. Chappell has served on Parks and Recreation and Planning and Development Commissions by appointment. 

Joe ChappellFirst Capital Neighborhood Solutions recently became a Keep Oklahoma Beautiful (KOB) affiliate, selecting “Guthrie Cares” as their new program name.  Recently other Cities around the State have also become KOB affiliates in order to take advantage of State and National projects where grants and often materials are provided for local volunteers wanting to improve their block or neighborhood.

As Chairman of the newly formed Guthrie Cares, Chappell said “First Capital Neighborhood Solutions is a local non- profit that has been providing assistance to senior citizens and low income residents in our community with home improvement and repairs as well as USDA home ownership for the last eight years. One of our greatest achievements is to have become a donation partner with Home Depot who donates materials each month to be used for repairs and home improvement”. These items are available to Logan County residents that are within the Low/Moderate income levels.  The qualification is simple and usually takes only a phone call.  For information about any of our programs 405 282-0880.

Neighborhood Solutions works to improve the quality of life of one family at a time, one neighborhood at a time.  Guthrie Cares vision is to promote projects that will improve the quality of life, which enhances our community’s aesthetics by increasing community involvement, by promoting litter pick-ups, tree plantings, supporting clubs and involving students, and providing community workshops. We also hope to receive grants, free supplies and support materials through Keep Oklahoma Beautiful for projects in our community.

Says Chappell, “Guthrie is a volunteer community, proven time and time again as citizen’s step up to one project or another.  We expect this opportunity to compete with other Cities our size will be no different.”

A beautiful community is good business not just a slogan. Research show that towns paying attention to aesthetics are actually safer, inspire pride and create loyalty in a town. A beautiful town is one of the top five things people look for when deciding where to live and work.   So beautification efforts will have direct economic benefits for our town”.

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