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Summer courses at Meridian Technology Center focus on fun and professional development

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STILLWATER, Okla. – Meridian Technology Center has recently announced new course offerings for personal and professional development classes.

Meridian Technology Center“We have a wide variety of new classes for people to explore in the next few months. Whether they want to acquire a new skill, get organized with OneNote, or learn a language, we offer an affordable way for everyone to enjoy learning something new,” said Titus Lester, Meridian’s Coordinator of Short-Term Courses.

New classes for Summer 2015 include a series for college-bound students. Courses include topics such as résumé building, keyboarding, formatting APA papers and note-taking tips for success.

In addition to offering full-time career training for high school and adult students, customized business solutions for local industries, and assistance for budding entrepreneurs, Meridian also serves as a place where district residents can expand their skills and explore their interests.

“We’re always looking for new course offerings and ways to improve the classes that we teach on a regular basis. We try to make coming to Meridian for classes as easy as possible,” Lester said.

Each semester Meridian offers hundreds of courses. Many of the professional development courses have classes during both the day and evening hours, while personal enrichment classes meet one or two nights a week. If time is a factor, online training is also available.

Meridian has a new set of classes each spring, summer and fall. For a complete listing of this semester’s courses visit www.meridiantech.edu/catalog. If there is a short-term training course that you would like to see offered at Meridian, contact Titus Lester at titusl@meridiantech.edu or (405) 377-3333.

Meridian Technology Center is a career and technology training center located in Stillwater, Okla. The center has more than 70 career majors and offers a wide variety of evening short-term courses and certifications for many diverse career fields. Meridian also offers services to businesses in need of training and development. Each year approximately 11,000 students come to Meridian from all areas of business and industry.

For more information or to enroll visit www.meridiantech.edu or contact a career counselor by phone at (405) 377-3333 or toll-free at (888) 607-2509.

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