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Senior Living: Where am I going to live when I get to that certain age?

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Where am I going to live when I get to that certain age? Will I be able to stay active and continue to do the activities I love?  Will I be able to continue to drive my car? Will I be able to live independently? If I need assistance will I be able to stay in my home or will I need to move to an assisted living home or a skilled nursing home? These are the questions that we all will have to answer at some point, it is important to know the facts.

Phil Nichols

Guthrie businessman Phil Nichols shares his Senior Living column with Guthrie News Page.

According to the Home Healthcare Market and Home Care Statistics nearly 12 million patients received 428 million visits in 2013. About 70 percent of those using home health are over the age of 65.  In this age group the most common medical conditions requiring home healthcare are: heart disease, diabetes, and cerebral vascular diseases.  Over 1/3 of the people requiring in-home care are under the age of 60, availing assistance for rehabilitation, are disabled or have chronic health conditions, often requiring patient aids for assistance.  A majority, 80 percent, of those over the age of 60, chooses to live independently with an enhanced quality of life.

About eight million of the elderly population has some form of disability requiring assistance.  This number is projected to be 15 million by 2020. As you can see, the use of home healthcare will continue to increase as patients are discharged from the hospital earlier and revenues continue to be reduced by lower reimbursements paid to the providers. Receiving care within your home has become and will continue to be the preferred method of receiving care.

So, what is home healthcare?

Home healthcare is skilled care to help someone get healthy while at home.  It comes after a doctor’s visit or a hospital stay and is provided by medical professionals.

What do you get from home health care?  Listed are the home health care services:

*Skilled nursing care

*General nursing care

*Physical therapy

*Speech pathology

*Occupational therapy

*Respiration therapy

*Chemotherapy specialist services

*Enterostomal therapy

*Medical social services

There are others but as you can see in today’s world just about any type of medical treatment can be done in the comfort of your home.  Remember, the goal of home health care is to treat an illness or injury.  Home health care helps you get better, regain your independence, and become as self-sufficient as possible.

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