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District 1: $30k set aside for the Save & Pave program

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The response to our new citizen groups has been very encouraging. Our road planning committee has five new members and our traffic safety committee has three new members. We are also starting to receive recommended projects for the Save & Pave program and we set aside just over $30K this month to start the program. Our district transportation safety program currently has $3,100 set aside for critical traffic control projects. We are gathering preliminary cost projections for each of the recommended projects and will discuss at our next district meeting of the road and safety committees. Look for more on that later this month as soon as we firm up schedules with the good folks at Oak Cliff Fire Station #2. 

County Commissioner District 1 Marven Goodman

County Commissioner District 1 Marven Goodman

The updated inventory of District 1 reportable assets and property was accepted and approved by the Logan County Board of Commissioners and officially filed with the Logan County Clerk. This action included the attached listing of missing property items that were previously listed on the official district property inventory but now are missing as noted during the State Auditor’s Turnover audit, and can no longer be located. To preclude a future loss recurrence of this magnitude, each year on the first of April our district will perform a 100 pecent property inventory, review and reconciliation of ALL property, fixed assets and consumables, by physically inventoried as being on hand as compared to fixed assets on record and so update that official property inventory record annually with the county clerk as required by law.

Our street maintenance crews continued road preparation of Charter Oak from Broadway to Kelly this week with asphalt patching of the worn areas. This is in preparation of Atlas paving beginning the asphalt overlay this summer and anticipate finishing that mile the first part of August this year.

Rural Water District 1 utility relocation continues on Coltrane between Waterloo and Seward and should finished around August 6th, 2015 in support of expanded right of way preparation. Appropriate technology can improve responsiveness and that certainly seems to be the case this week as many more of our roads have seen maintenance scheduled as requested by our district residents using our new web based work order site at http://www.commissiondistrict1.com.

Have a great week.

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