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Guthrie elects Gentling for mayor; Bothroyd and Padgett win ward races

Steve Gentling

Steve Gentling

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Guthrie voters selected a new mayor and two city council members in the 2015 Municipal General Election held on Tuesday.

With all nine precincts reporting in the mayor’s race, Steve Gentling defeated Trey Ayers with a vote tally of 491 to 233 (67.82 percent – 32.18%).

According to the Logan County Election Board there were 5,324 registered voters for the election with only 724 ballots cast (13.59%).

In a statement, Gentling thanked his supporters and is looking to make an impact on the future.

“Thanks to all for your help and support. I am blessed to be in a position to help make Guthrie a better place to grow our families, our businesses and our lives,” Gentling said. “Together we can make a difference that will positively impact our friends, our neighbors and our children. Thank you!!”

Ayers concludes serving after eight years on the council as a representative for Ward 1.

Ayers also thanked his supporters for the past eight years and congratulated the new council members.

Brian Bothroyd

Brian Bothroyd

“Congrats to all the city council winners tonight. I am honored to have served for the last 8 years. I wish the very best for our community.”

A total of 107 votes were casted by absentee mailing or early voting. On election day, an additional 617 voters went to the poll. In total, a low-turnout of 724 votes were cast.

In Ward 2, Brian Bothroyd received majority of the votes over incumbent Clarice Reandeau by a count of 180-82 (68.70 percent – 31.30 percent).

“Thanks for everyone’s commitment for our town.Thanks for your vote. I will serve you proud,” Bothroyd said.

In Ward 3, incumbent Sharyl Padgett received 119 votes compared to her challenger Grant Aguirre’s 70 votes (62.96 percent – 37.04 percent).

Ed Wood was ran opposed for Ward 1 and will replace Ayers on the council.

All results are unofficial and are expected to be certified on Friday by the Logan County Election Board.

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