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District One: Missing inventory items reported to Board of Commissioners

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New citizen participation in local government. After our town hall meeting last week we had several folks sign up to be on our new finance, road and safety committees. Our first meeting of the road and safety committees will be scheduled later this month and the finance committee will meet next month to start the new (FY 2016) budget planning process. 

County Commissioner District 1 Marven Goodman

County Commissioner District 1 Marven Goodman

The paving contract for the asphalt overlay project on Charter Oak from Broadway to Kelly has been awarded to Atlas paving April first this year. They are scheduled to being 90 days after award (July 1, 2015) and we anticipate finishing the overlay of that mile not later than September. We will are starting the road preparation by filling the potholed areas this week, weather permitting. We will share the project plan and implementation schedule once it is finalized.

We have several meetings this last week including Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT), Circuit Engineering District 5 (CED5) and the Association of County Commissioners for Oklahoma (ACCO). The most notable of these concerns discussions with ODOT on widening the narrow channel under the bridge at the Cottonwood Creek on Broadway & Camp Road. Downstream erosion has increased since the old pony bridge was replaced in 2012.
Inventory of District 1 reportable assets completed and we have officially notified the Logan County Board of Commissioner of the missing inventory items. Source documents including prior State Auditor’s (OSAI) reports and the latest turnover report. OSAI recommended that management implement controls to comply with OS 178.1.  Also the first of April each year the district will perform a review and reconciliation of ALL fixed assets inventory on hand to fixed assets on record on an annual basis.
Our current property inventory and referendum identifying missing items at:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0OVCVgrc5Fbfm1rRHI1cFZiVk5icUJDd0RuOXRXdzE3YzNhMDc3VW53V3ZoZ3VDWV95MXM&authuser=0
Have a great week.
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