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District Two: Three new home developments have started in District 2

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Logan County District 2 has been working hard to repair the many roads heavily damaged by this winter’s soaking rains and snow. Today we will finish gravelling a four-mile stretch from County Road 74 and Triple X close to Coyle down to Cooksey and Luther Rd. This is a major Coyle School bus route.

Logan County Commissioner Mike Pearson

Logan County Commissioner Mike Pearson

Post Road has been rocked for two miles from Forrest Hills to Charter Oak as well as numerous other miles this month. 1800 tons of rock has been placed on county roads in March at a cost of $20,000. Our ability to haul road material has increased by 30% just since the first of the year. We were finally able to mine shale last week for Charter Oak east of Douglas reconstruction which just started. Construction of Roller Coaster from Pine to Midwest should begin in late summer to prepare it for asphalt next year. Many miles are planned for gravel in high traffic areas.

Our trackhoe should be placing a temporary culvert at a closed 30ft bridge next week at Peebly and Simmons. The new bridge at Cooper’s Hill on Prairie Grove should be finished by the end of May. Its reopening is direly needed for locals, farmers and for combatting wildfires.

Midwest has been paved from Dolese to past Cooksey. A reimbursement from a REAP grant is expected soon. Green Oaks Way should be completed this month primarily paid for with a CDBG grant. The next two miles will be Westminster and Anderson going north from Waterloo with 0.4 miles on Anderson paid for by a developer.

The road replacement of Hwy 33 is tentatively projected to complete in late summer or early fall and the new Loves Truckstop has started leveling that hill by moving around 110,000 cu yds of dirt. The new 10-mile waterline for Loves is about half way there.

Three new home developments have started in District 2. One on Anderson just north of Waterloo, on College 1.3 miles east of Douglas and Hwy 33, and one on Hwy 105 at Choctaw across from the Meridian Fire Station. A fourth addition will soon start on the north side of Hwy 105 on the east side of Post and a fifth on Charter Oak half mile west of Douglas.

Construction of the new Dollar General store on Midwest at Waterloo is in mid construction as well as the new NAPA west of Sooner on Waterloo.

Our first distribution of 1/4 cent sales tax will be next week for about $31,000. This new money can only be used for road and bridge materials.

Please remember that you can bring used furniture, appliances and other discardable items to the roll off here in our yard at 1550 N Midwest from 7:30-4.

Please let me know your concerns or questions by calling our office 282-3405 or my personal cell phone 405-650-0384.

  1. April 6, 2015 at 1:16 pm

    STILL nothing on Midwest South to Seward

  2. April 6, 2015 at 2:34 pm

    So you don’t have the money to repair the existing schools or build new ones but you’re going to allow new home construction that will add more students to the school system? What a great idea! NOT!

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