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County residents out thousands of dollars with alleged home fraud

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Two men have been arrested and two more are being sought for questioning for home repair fraud cases. A 90-year-old Logan County woman was one of the victims.

Bartley Anthony Gorman

Bartley Anthony Gorman

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office says they took several reports of home fraud last month in the Marshall area.

“Our office was able to determine that several individuals were found to be operating in our County soliciting services for roofing and lightning rod services,” Det. Greg Valencia said in a release.

In the State of Oklahoma it is mandatory for individuals performing roofing work or services to register with the State of Oklahoma Construction Industries Board and obtain a registration number. This number is to be put on vehicles, invoices and business cards.

The individuals operating in Logan County had not been registered with the state.

Two individuals were found and arrested on charges of failure to register with the state and for obtaining money under false pretense after they stated that they overcharged the victims and charged the victims for services they did not perform.

John Peter Carroll

John Peter Carroll

The arrested subjects were Bartley Anthony Gorman, of Oklahoma City, and his cousin John Peter Carroll a resident of the State of Washington. Both posted a $20,000 bond and were released from the county jail.

Two more individuals, Sean Patrick Gorman and James Carroll, are being sought for questioning concerning the business transaction.

A 90-year-old victim paid over $7,000 for the lightning rod services and roof repair. However, Det. Valencia says the lightning rod work would not have passed inspection standards and would have created a greater risk of damage to the home if lightning had struck.

The lightning strike protection service and the roofing repair were both performed by the company which Gorman and Carroll were associated with.

The investigation continues and investigators are asking that anyone in Logan County whom might have done business with D&G General Contracting, J Carroll Asphalt, or anyone associated with the four individuals listed above contact the Logan County Sheriff’s Office at 405-282-4100.

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