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District One: Spring cleaning looking for volunteers

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Last  week I wrote about seeing a group of folks from the Seward Road Baptist Church out picking up trash along Broadway just south of Seward Road. Since writing that last week we have been contacted by some interested in helping out but needed help with pick-up and disposal of the filled trash bags. 

County Commissioner District 1 Marven Goodman

County Commissioner District 1 Marven Goodman

We are always happy to work with any volunteer group on cleaning up our roadways to include placing temp traffic control road signs and barricades at the cleanup sites for the safety of the volunteers. Please give us a call if you or your group is interested in helping out with our district spring cleaning, heck we’ll even furnish the bags. As always, anyone interested in helping out can also bring roadside trash to our solid waste collection site.

Logan County District 1 Town Hall Meeting. We had several residents attend our first town hall meeting this last Thursday at the Oak Cliff Fire Station #2.  The key to making good decisions is making informed decisions. We discussed several ways to allow those citizens who desire to participate in the business of local government an opportunity to have an open view and mindful voice in the allocation of our county transportation resources.

We now have several volunteers for our new finance, road, and safety advisory groups but welcome all district 1 residents who wish to participate. To learn more about our Logan County District 1 local government please leave us a message, open a work order, or read the latest District 1 Bulletins at our new web site http://commissiondistrict1.com or you can call the district warehouse at (405) 282-3581 for more information.

Our asphalt road maintenance crews continue to repair more potholes in the district and we continue  our gravel and grading operations to catch up with our rural dirt & gravel road maintenance. We will be engaging a land surveyor to begin out staking the right of way for Simpson Lane project. The project will resurface Simpson Lane from Broadway to Coltrane and we project to finish sometime mid-year 2017.

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