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City to seek injunction in district court on burned down Banner School building

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The old Banner School building continues to be an eyesore on Guthrie’s west side after the building was set fire 10 months ago. Now, the city council has authorized the city attorney to file a lawsuit in District Court to declare the property a nuisance and to abate the property.

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City officials say they have issued five citations to the property’s owner in an effort to clean up the property located at 1124 W. Warner. The City is now hopeful a judge will make an injunction against the owner to clean up the property.

As of late last week, a suit had not been filed in court.

The City sets an annual demolition budget of $55,000 to remove dilapidated structures throughout the city. However, an estimate to tear down the old building would exceed the City’s budget.

In July 2014, the City obtained a verbal quote of $56,000 to demolish and remove the building.

“We know who the owner is and it should go through District Court instead of wasting our line item,” councilman John Wood said.

The old school building was set on fire by four juveniles in the early morning hours of May 9. The same morning the juveniles broke into Cotteral Elementary and piled up $2,400 worth of damages.

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  1. March 11, 2015 at 4:35 pm

    The way I see it is the juveniles should have to clean it up as a punishment don’t punish the owner for what they did.

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