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District 1 update: Right of way utility relocation continues

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This week began and ended with another blast from the north that dropped our temperatures, and threatened road conditions and the safety of our residents. Our decisions and priority of action on which roads to sand/salt/plow is a coordinated effort with our county Sheriff’s central dispatch team. They notify us, day or night, of any unsafe changes in road conditions based on real time observations. Our goal, like yours, is to help avoid or reduce the likelihood of a traffic accident. So please remember when traveling in bad weather you can help by taking extra time to arrive at your destination, check road conditions and slow down accordingly, watch out for the other guy, and most important, get there in one piece.

County Commissioner District 1 Marven Goodman

County Commissioner District 1 Marven Goodman

We completed our acceptance inspection of the W. Forest Hills asphalt paving project and concur that services delivered satisfied or exceed contract specifications. This completes the project from Broadway to approximately where Bryant would come out, or just east of Maple Ridge Lane. The Road Boss gravel road test seems to be holding up through this bad stretch of weather on Highland Hills Dr. Our road maintenance crews remained active this last week continuing to progress with grading, crowning, and putting down fresh gravel on our rural feeder roads. We have also been out trimming trees on the right of way and installing new road and traffic control signs. If you know of a really bad area please let us know.

We completed the turnover inventory of all District 1 equipment and expendables. We ordered “property of” placards and tag numbers to mark the equipment on hand, they should arrive soon. Once all the equipment on hand is properly marked, numbered, and re-verified on the inventory list we will close out the corrective action with a referendum to the board of commissioners. This action will put our current inventory and accounting process back in compliance with state statutes.

Right of way utility relocation continues on Coltrane between Waterloo and Seward and will be finished no later than August 6, 2015. Rural Water District 1 is currently relocating utilities in support of expanded right of way preparation. Current estimates of the earliest completion date of paving Coltrane is sometime in 2017.

Remember, we still have a solid waste collection site set up at the District 1 office, 2315 SW 19th St., Guthrie, OK. The collection site is for solid waste only. We cannot accept garbage of any kind, food or vegetation, hazardous materials, appliances containing Freon, rubber tires, paint or liquids. The dumpster is available to the public from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Mon. through Fri., except for holidays. We ask that you check in at the office before dumping. Please help us keep our roads and highways clean and safe.

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