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Two people arrested after hitting school bus in ditch; Guthrie schools call of classes for Tuesday

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It was an eventful day for Guthrie Public Schools on Monday as the school district, as well as several citizens and businesses, received more snowfall than what was first predicted for the area. Because of that, one school bus landed in a ditch on the commute home and school officials canceling classes for Tuesday.

winter weatherSeveral weather reports showed Logan County receiving a dusting to possibly an inch of snow as late as Sunday evening, but that quickly change as the weather system traveled from the east in the early morning hours. The snow storm gradually picked up momentum in the afternoon and continued late in the day.

As a result, Guthrie announced just before 6 p.m. that all classes were canceled for Tuesday.

The snow-packed roads were havoc in portions of southern Logan County.

Just before 5:30 p.m., a Guthrie school bus swerved off the road and into a ditch near Charter Oak and Pine Street. There were no injuries reported at the scene. Another school bus and school personnel were called to the scene to help transport the children.

With the bus stuck in the ditch, Logan County Sheriff’s Office deputies and Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers were clearing the scene when a pickup truck swiped the bus. There were no children on the bus at the time of impact.

Both people inside the truck were arrested after it was learned the male driver, Marcus Marshall, had a suspended license. The female passenger, Connie Marshall, was taken into custody for obstructing an officer. She also threaten to kill the Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper.

There were other accidents on city and county roads, but there have been no reports of any serious injuries.

Guthrie City Hall and the Logan County Courthouse closed their offices down early as did several restaurants and businesses. The non-emergency city offices, courthouse and county offices announced they will open at 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

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