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Logan County filings for February 18, 2015

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The following actions were filed in the District Court of Logan County for February 18, 2015.

Civil relief more than $10,000 (CJ)

CJ-2015-41 Cedar Lake Estates Property Owners Association, Inc v. Dan Meinders
CJ-2015-42 Myers And Myers Land And Cattle Co, Llc v. Teressa Arnett, Et Al
CJ-2015-43 Kesner, Maria v. Campbell, Alan

Civil Misc. (CV)

CV-2015-11 Schuemake, Cody v.

Family and Domestic (FD)

FD-2015-27 In re the Marriage of: Winn, Terri Frances and Winn, George Lee
FD-2015-28 In re the Marriage of: Manning, Kristy and Manning, Michael

Protective Order (PO)

PO-2015-26 Gordon, Daniel J v. Gordon, Elizabeth Ann

Small Claims (SC)

SC-2015-59 Whiserping Oaks MPH LLC v. Perry, Jennifer
SC-2015-60 Whispering Oaks MHP LLC v. Harrison, Michael
SC-2015-61 Whispering Oaks MHP LLC v. Kalbaugh, Victoria
SC-2015-62 Whispering Oaks MHP LLC v. Leger, Tex Jr
SC-2015-63 standard credit v. Parkins, Henry
SC-2015-64 standard credit v. Garrison, Bobbi
SC-2015-65 Standard Credit v. O’claray, Dennis
SC-2015-66 Standard Credit v. Odom, Larry
SC-2015-67 Evans Sports LLC v. Fazal, Kahn
SC-2015-68 Standard Credit v. Mcgee, Crystal
SC-2015-69 STANDARD CREDIT v. Kiesel, Crystal
SC-2015-70 Logan County Loans v. Miles, Kassan
SC-2015-71 Logan County Loans v. Womack, Aubreeanna
SC-2015-72 Logan County Loans v. Scott, Tammy
SC-2015-73 Savannah House Of Guthrie v. Lafreniere, Michael

Traffic (TR)

TR-2015-271 State of Oklahoma v. Shields, Charles
TR-2015-272 State of Oklahoma v. Garcia, Eduardo
TR-2015-273 State of Oklahoma v. Caster, Boyd
TR-2015-274 State of Oklahoma v. Adams, Brandon
TR-2015-275 State of Oklahoma v. Aljuzayri, Ahmed
TR-2015-276 State of Oklahoma v. Kurtanovic, Nazim
TR-2015-277 State of Oklahoma v. Monden, Kenneth Ray III
TR-2015-278 State of Oklahoma v. Uppalapati, Praneeth
TR-2015-279 State of Oklahoma v. Palmer, Charles
TR-2015-280 State of Oklahoma v. Palmer, Charles
TR-2015-281 State of Oklahoma v. Allen, Jeffrey Jr.
TR-2015-282 State of Oklahoma v. Hooley, Taylor Gene
TR-2015-283 State of Oklahoma v. Cash, Debra
TR-2015-284 State of Oklahoma v. Law, James III
TR-2015-285 State of Oklahoma v. Vontress, Samuel III
TR-2015-286 State of Oklahoma v. Booher, Jason
TR-2015-287 State of Oklahoma v. Tucker, China
TR-2015-288 State of Oklahoma v. Beavers, Donita
TR-2015-289 State of Oklahoma v. Stubblefield, James
TR-2015-290 State of Oklahoma v. Brown, Donald
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