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Man kidnapped and beaten; arrest made

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The Logan County Sheriff Office and the Logan County Special Response Team served three search warrants on Wednesday after learning a male was kidnapped and beaten on Sunday.

Michael Chester Robinson Jr.

Michael Chester Robinson Jr.

Investigators say the motivation for the kidnapping and beating is said to have been the unwelcome advances of the victim to the girlfriend of one of the suspects. The victim took blows to his head while being detained at knife-point.

Afterwards, the victim was then forced to give the suspects cash from an ATM and then released.

The warrants were served at 11150, 11151 and 11175 Anna Lane. The three residents are located near the intersection of Simpson and Coltrane roads.

During the searches of the homes, stolen firearms, drugs and safes with undetermined contents were spotted.

Michael Chester Robinson Jr. was taken into custody on kidnapping, robbery, assault, firearm and drug related charges. He has had prior arrests for threats of violence and DUI which involved a traffic accident with great bodily injury.

Authorities anticipate additional arrests as a result of the warrants served.


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