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Queen selection begins for Guthrie’s 2015 89er Queen and Princess

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The selection process has begun for the 2015 89er Queen and Princess for Guthrie’s 89er Days Celebration Week, April 14-19 in Guthrie, America.  

Ms Dracyn Taylor, 2014 ‘89er Celebration Queen, will be one of the judges on the 2015 Queen Selection Committee

Ms Dracyn Taylor, 2014 ‘89er Celebration Queen, will be one of the judges on the 2015 Queen Selection Committee

Candidates will go through an application process review and then the Queen Competition, where the applicants will compete in horsemanship, appearance, and public speaking.  The competition is open to young women 15-22 years of age who would make a good ambassador for Guthrie’s annual celebration. The Queen Competition, scheduled February 21, 2015, will be held at the Fryar Arena in Guthrie. Judges will include the 2014 89er Queen Dracyn Taylor and other Queen Selection Committee members.

The Queen makes numerous TV, radio, and public appearances throughout the week promoting the 89er Celebration, including participating in the parade and all performances of the rodeo.

This year there will be a Princess Competition as well, immediately following the Queen Competition. Princess candidates need to be 10 to 14 years of age, have good horsemanship skills, and have an ability to speak in front of small groups of people.

Queens have been a part of Guthrie’s 89er celebration since the 1930’s and have a rich tradition of women with significant talent and skills who continue to achieve, mentor and are “difference makers” on their journey through life. These ladies gather together once a year on the Saturday of the Celebration to share stories and meet the new ambassador for the Celebration. They also ride together in the parade.

The 89er Celebration week includes: a Chuck Wagon feast and auction on Tuesday; a huge carnival Wednesday through Saturday; over 100 food and craft vendors lining the streets of downtown Guthrie; an old timer baseball game; western story teller programs; a “big wheel” race for little ones; a classic car show with over 200 vehicles; family friendly rodeo; a 5k “Stake Your Claim” run; music for everyone including the US Air Force Dance Band, country music by Jay Hannah’s Billy Bob Bovine band, and bluegrass stars in The Byron Berlin Band and the Kyle Dillingham Horseshoe Road Band.  The largest parade in Oklahoma begins at noon on Saturday, April 18.

For more information about obtaining an application or how to compete for 89er Queen, contact the 89er Queen Committee Chairman, Carrie Fryar at carrie.fryar@gmail.com. Information is also available on the official 89er Celebration website at  http://www.89erdays.com.

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