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Semi truck brings down utility lines for the second time in same location

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For the second time in five days, utility lines hanging above Wentz St. in downtown Guthrie came crashing down after a semi truck snagged the lines and bringing them to the ground. The company associated with the semi truck has been involved with both incidents.

Utility LineAt about 10:45 a.m. on Wednesday, the Guthrie Police Department was called to the 100 block of N. Wentz St. between Cleveland AVe. and Oklahoma Ave. Video

The semi, who was on the proper route as instructed, was able to stop on the road way soon after impact. Telephone and internet cables came to rest on the semi’s trailer, that was carrying oil field equipment, and a  building.

Nearby businesses and homes were immediately impacted with no telephone or internet service. However, there were no power outages reported.

The over-sized truck was towed from the scene after the driver was unable to produce a driver’s license or insurance verification.

The company with the semi trucks both involved with the incidents is based out of Prague, Ok.

The road way continued to be shut down at the time of this article (3 p.m.) and was expected to be closed for a few more hours before being completely restored.

Just last Friday, a semi truck not only brought down utility lines in the exact same location, but bent several utility wooden poles and out-of-place in the ground. The accident resulted in 70 customers without power. Photo Gallery

Crews needed over eight hours to restore the lines and open the road way back open.

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