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Mike Pearson: District 2 update Jan. 23

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In this week’s update we will cover several of our projects. Much more to follow on our next update.

Logan County Commissioner Mike Pearson

Logan County Commissioner Mike Pearson

But first we wish to thank all our firefighters and the people who are helping the Kellers after the devastating wildfire that destroyed their new home. District 2 is, in my humble opinion, the most beautiful portion of our county but is also the most dangerous. We are in the middle of a most severe drought and everyone must be on alert.  Fortunately, the US Forrestry Service recognizes this and had 3 of their firefighting big dozers strategically placed in Guthrie during this high red flag alert last week. This week will be a repeat so please stay alert.

We are hoping that Atlas Paving will be able to pave Midwest from County Rd 76 (Dolese Rd) for 1 1/4 mile south this week. It is ready.

This week we will be removing a cattleguard at the intersection of Cedar Ln at Simmons Rd and replacing it with a culvert. Also we hope to get the old culvert midway on Green Oaks Way replaced with a much longer culvert in preparation for repaving these 1 1/2 miles of roads using a CBDG grant we were fortunate to obtain. They both have a high traffic volume. We hope to have this project completed by early summer.

Striping of 4 miles of new blacktop roads may also occur this week. These roads are Simmons for one mile west of Douglas, 2 miles of Midwest  going north from Charter Oak and one mile of Forrest Hill from Midwest to Pine. Also the shoulder at Waterloo and Douglas will be diagonally striped. It is not a right turn lane.

Currently two miles of Simmons from Douglas to Westminster Rd are being rebuilt using shale as a base and about 20,000 tons of crusher run gravel. Due to its nature, it is prudent, after a soaking drizzle rain like we just had, that citizens wash their vehicles as soon as possible. Due to its nature, when fresh crusher run gets a soak, it gets on vehicles and dries almost as hard as concrete. If it was a hard packing rain, this would not be such a problem.

After we have completed Simmons, we will be addressing about a half mile of Luther from Hwy 105 to College.

Next will be the two miles of Post from Charter Oak to Forrest Hill and a major artery, Charter Oak, from Douglas to Anderson. We plan to go all the way to Choctaw in the future but must address the need on Choctaw for 1/2 mile north of Waterloo very soon as well. Next year in 2016 we plan to pave Charter Oak east to Westminster.

By the end of summer we plan to pave Westminster as well as Anderson Roads from Waterloo to Simmons.

Ambitious? Possibly. But thanks to the new 1/4 cent sales tax, we will be able to do much more. When driving through all these projects, please be patient, cautious and safe.

Do not hesitate to communicate your observations. Our website, commissiondistrict2@gmail.com is there to serve you. Call or text my  personal cell number 405-650-0384 which is always available. I do my best to answer or return all my calls and emails.

Mike Pearson Commissioner
District 2 Logan County
Cell 405-650-0384
Office 405-282-3405
E-mail commissiondistrict2@gmail.com
Web commissiondistrict2.com

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