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District 1 update: Projects nearing completion

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On Sunday, Jan. 18, the residents in the south part of District 1 were once again threatened by rural wildfire. Thanks to the quick action of our county’s regional volunteer firefighters, Guthrie FD, Logan County Emergency Management, as well as others, the threat was quickly contained. We all owe these individuals a debt of gratitude and thanks on a job well done and for the job they continue to do for us.

County Commissioner District 1 Marven Goodman

County Commissioner District 1 Marven Goodman

There are several projects nearing completion which I would like to bring to your attention.

The paving contract for Charter Oak from Kelley to Broadway is expected to be awarded the first part of March. We will share the implementation schedule once it is finalized.

W Forest Hills, from Broadway to S Coltrane Rd paving project purchase orders were initiated on 31 December 2014.  The purchase orders were issued to Atlas Paving Company to put a 3” thick, 22’ wide layer of asphalt on Forrest Hills from Broadway to Coltrane. They will begin as soon as the ground temperature is warm enough to permit it. The actual process of laying the asphalt shouldn’t take longer than one or two days.

Purchase orders have been issued for the repair of guardrails at two different locations. The first site is at Broadway and Simmons and the other one is on Broadway north of Simpson. Please be aware of the traffic control at these two places when the guardrails are being replaced.

We will provide more information on these projects and others as they develop.

Our District 1 management team continues to make good progress settling into their new assignments and getting up to speed on important county road programs’ budgets, assets, work order processing and organization for service delivery.

We have several meetings this week including Oklahoma Department of Transportation, the City of Guthrie, Circuit Engineering District 5 and the Office of Management and Enterprise Services Home Range (state data center). The most notable of these concerns discussions with the City of Guthrie on improving lake access roads. Look for more to follow on this topic in a later update.

Next week our staff will continue following projects, reorganizing road crews, taking inventory, evaluating the maintenance of equipment, organizing the shop and taking applications for a new hire. We will also continue to work on a new county website as well as organizing the first Town Hall meeting to take place sometime in the next few weeks.

As always, feel free to come by the shop or call if you have any questions, recommendations or concerns.

Have a great week!

Marven Goodman
Logan County, District 1
405 282-3581

  1. January 27, 2015 at 5:51 am

    What is the status on paving Coltrane. I thought it was to be done in 2014. I see some surveyors stakes for the last several months, but you’ve made no comments about its completion. We really haven’t heard anything about it since 2013.

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