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Oklahoma Forestry Services maps out Logan County fires

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The Oklahoma Forestry Services has mapped out two wildfires in Logan County that burned out of control on Sunday.

WildfireThe Hiwassee fire map shows the fire started south of E. Triplett Road and S. Hiwassee Rd. The fire burned to the northeast and across S. Henney Rd. The fire was halted at E. Prairie Grove Rd and S. Choctaw Rd. View mapHiwassee Fire Jan. 9, 2015

Guthrie Fire Chief Eric Harlow says in total 1,300 acres was burnt up in the Hiwassee fire. In addition, the fire burnt down a family of five’s home near Henney and Prairie Grove. Related story: Family of five losses home in wildfire; go fund me account set up

The I-35 fire that was not only spread over on both sides of I-35, but the highway’s median. The heavy smoke cause a multi-vehicle accident and shut the highway down for 74 minutes in both directions.

The fire map shows the grass fire beginning south of County Road 74 near N. Midwest Blvd. and tracked to the northeast. The fire was contained just to the north of County Road 75 on the east and west sides of the highway. The fire spread a half mile past N. Douglas Blvd. View Map –  I-35 Shutdown Jan. 9, 2015

Harlow says approximately 800 acres were charred in this fire.

Related story: Family loses home in Logan County wildfires; several agencies called in to assist

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