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Mike Pearson: Winter blues equals summer work

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We are deep in the middle of winter with spring just around the corner. Every year the snow, ice, and freezing rain create driving hazards such as potholes. Please call in any potholes which may occur. Certainly your observations are needed so we are aware and can address road problems during these freeze/thaw cycles. This helps us to serve you though it may require a little time to address these problems. Your patience in these situation is very much appreciated.  We are doing the initial planning to purchase the proper equipment and modernize the snow removal process to clear our roads.  

Logan County Commissioner Mike Pearson

Logan County Commissioner Mike Pearson

When we experience hazardous winter weather, we will be sanding and clearing the roads as soon as we possibly can. A friendly reminder to watch the local news and plan for the weather, if you do not need to go out on snowy or icy days, please don’t. It helps the county workers and you to stay home if at all possible until the roads can be cleared.  We pray that this winter will continue to be mild, not just for safety but also to minimize damage to our roads.

On a different issue, construction on replacing a bridge on Prairie Grove Rd between Hiwassee Rd and Henny Rd begins Monday, January 19. We anticipate this road being closed until early May, weather permitting. Though inconvenient to some, this improvement will definitely help our rural farmer citizens. We appreciate the opportunity to bring infrastructure upgrades for the County.
Any problems you see, whether it is a road needing to be graded or a sign damaged or stolen, we need your call or email. Please remember we are here to serve you in the best way we can. Do not hesitate to call with your needs or concerns. We may not always be able to help but we have the desire to try. 
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