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Investigators asking public for help in locating Piedmont teenager

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The Center for Search and Investigations renewed their recovery searches for teenager Anne Hill, who went missing last April. The organization says the Guthrie area is a possible location where her body may have been disposed of.

Anne HillHill, who would have turned 17 on Sunday, went missing in April. In October, authorities charged 16-year-old Chadd Raymond with first degree murder and Chloe Marie Thomas, 17, with accessory to commit murder, but no trace of the missing teen has since been found.

Thomas, whose charge was dismissed in December due to a pending juvenile case, told authorities she helped Raymond dispose of the body after he told police he strangled Hill at an Edmond apartment. Thomas says she does not recall the location where they left Hill’s body except it was a wooded area.

CFSI, who is charged by the family in finding her body, says they have searched more than two thousand rural acreage, and more than two-hundred linear miles.

A location of interest includes an Oil or pump site areas in a largely open field, rural wooded area, in close proximity of a highway (5 miles drive or less), has a white building (house possibly) of some type between the highway and well site and could possibly be close to an exit with a natural or man-made rock formation.

Anne Hill map“The areas of concentration would be off I-40 west of Oklahoma City and I-35 south of Oklahoma City, although we have not ruled out the north and east portions of the highway,” a news releases states. “Locations will be prioritized by more and less likely locations. The estimated maximum mileage from Coltrane and 2nd in Edmond is 200 miles round trip.”

If you are aware of an area that matches this description inside the highlighted area, please email helpinganniejo@gmail.com with a location of the area and contact information of owners, if known. You may also call 404-500-9376.

“At this time, the family asks to not be contact as this is incredibly difficult for them. Yesterday was Annie’s 17th birthday. For updates from the family, you may check her official Facebook page by searching Help Find Anne Hill,” the release said.

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