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Police dogs helping jailers with cell extractions at Logan County jail

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Deputies and jailers at the Logan County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center must be ready for all scenarios that may occur inside a jail pod. The nine pods hold violent offenders and at times can cause riots or a hostage scenario. In these instances, the Cell Extraction Response Team is called into action.

LCSO ExtractionIn the three-day course held last week, CERT worked on their tactics as a team for scenarios that often demand them to restore order from out-of-control inmates.

On the final day of training, CERT members, who protect themselves with riot protection wear, were joined by three K9 officers with the Sheriff’s Office.

In most instances, the tactical team can gain control of the situations with the use of shields, handcuffs, pepper spray and taser guns, but sometimes the four-legged officers and their handlers are called in to assist.

With a deputy in a dog bite suit and staff members portraying rioting inmates, CRET busted into the pod shouting demands and isolating the offender to allow the K9 officer to go to work. Deputies say the appearance of a K9 officer can often calm a situation with the fear of an inmate of being attacked by the dog.

Once the K9 officer takes control of the jail pod, CERT uses their skills to take further control of the inmates.

The extraction is a CLEET certified course held once a year with additional on-going training.

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