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BancFirst announces statewide photo contest

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BancFirst has announced the launch of the 2015 BancFirst Oklahoma! photo contest. BancFirst is inviting photographers from all levels of expertise to submit their unique images from BancFirst communities across Oklahoma.

BancFirstThe judges are looking for photos of iconic, recognizable locations or objects located in BancFirst communities but want them depicted in a clever, creative, artistic and interesting way. If a photo is selected, the photographer will be awarded $50 per photograph and may have their photos used in the BancFirst community calendar, annual report, lobby exhibits or BancFirst promotional materials.

“We are thrilled to give our local photographers and aspiring photographers the opportunity to be featured by BancFirst,” said BancFirst Guthrie president LaVerne Dowding.  “We believe that no one is better equipped to capture the uniqueness of Guthrie than the people that live here. The people of this town are getting the chance to tell our story through our own eyes. That kind of community involvement is what BancFirst is all about, and we are very excited to see the results.”

For information about the types of photos needed or to submit an entry, please visit http://www.bancfirst.com

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