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Second scam warning coming from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office

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The Logan County Sheriff’s Department is, again, warning citizens of another potential fraud. The accused, unknown suspect is going as far as having their telephone number forward back to the sheriff’s office.

Phone ScamEarlier this week, the Sheriff’s Office received a call for service for potential fraud stating a victim reported she had received several telephone calls and multiple e-mails from someone who was claiming to be a Detective Marcus Shield with the Sheriff’s Office.

The victim knew it was a scam when they told her there were warrants for the arrest of her husband and that she needed to pay for the warrants to prevent arrest. Little did the scam artist know the victim’s husband was deceased.

However, that did not stop the possible fraud.

The suspect told the victim he would send the warrants to a superior court and have the costs transferred into her name.

“The suspects have gone so far as to have their telephones forwarded to the Logan County Sheriff’s Office in an attempt to legitimize their efforts to defraud the victims,” Chief Deputy Richard Stephens said.

Stephens says the Logan County Sheriff’s Office does not make collection calls or e-mails and that it is not possible to transfer cost warrants from one individual to another.

“Anytime the public receives these types of calls, they need to contact their local law enforcement and in no case should you provide any payment or personal information over the phone or on e-mail,” Stephens concluded with.

Earlier this month, the Sheriff’s Office reported an imposter told victims that they had missed a jury duty subpoena and has an arrest warrant. The imposter demanded that the victim’s pay for the warrant over the telephone. Related story: Deputies warning public on imposter and phone scam

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