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4-year-old twins upset with mom; found in cold temperatures

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Four-year-old twin brothers were found in below freezing weather Tuesday morning after the boys got upset with their mother and decided they both were going to walk to grandma’s house.

Guthrie News PageEmergency crews were dispatched to the area of Pine and Industrial just before 9:30 a.m. for a report of two small children walking and not properly dressed. The temperature at the time read 25 degrees with a wind chill of 13 degrees.

The boys took off walking to their grandmother’s house, who lives on Guthrie’s west side. Some four miles away.

A motorist stopped to help the boys, but the kids were scared of the stranger and hid in a nearby ditch.

A Guthrie police officer quickly retrieved the boys and escorted them to his vehicle. The boys were described as both very scared and cold with red faces.

Both children were not wearing socks, one child was wearing a hoodie with no t-shirt while the other was wearing an unzipped winter jacket.

The children were out in the cold elements for an estimated 30 minutes. Once the mother of the children determined they were missing, she contacted her mother. The grandmother drove to the scene and spotted the officers out with the children.

Guthrie EMS transported both children to the hospital due to early signs of hypothermia.

The temperature for both boys were a few degrees below normal at the hospital, but luckily were treated and released with no reported significant injuries.

The Department of Human Services responded to the hospital and both children were released to the custody of their grandmother.

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