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Chamber Chat: How to help this holiday season

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I just love our community! I spoke with Terri Kennedy from the Guthrie Job Corps center this past week. I was curious to find out how many students had been invited into homes for Christmas. Several weeks ago I wrote that there were fifty students that would have to stay on campus because they can’t get home. Well as of today there are only ten students that still need a place to hang out for Christmas. Terri also mentioned that the community had given close to $700.00 for Christmas gifts for these 50 students. The Guthrie Noon Lions Club presented them with a $500.00 check last Friday! What a blessing!

Chamber President Mary Coffin

Chamber President Mary Coffin

We have received calls from people wanting to know how they can help out this season.

Trinity Episcopal Church will be serving Christmas lunch to anyone who wants to come at 11:30 on the 25th. All year long children wait for foster homes at the Logan County Youth & Family Shelter so that is always a place needing help, their number is 282-7045.

The Eagle Ridge Family Treatment Center is a life-changing home. This unique facility is especially designed for mothers battling substance abuse, so they can live with their children while receiving treatment and overcoming their addictions. Their contact information is 282-8232.

One of our volunteers likes to help others and called a nursing home last week and asked how many people never received Christmas gifts or visitors. She got a few of her friends together and they were able to take care of all forty five people. The items they were asking for were small things like hand lotion, socks, handkerchiefs, etc. They have decided to do things for them year round. If you don’t have time to do that, check on your own neighbors! Sometimes we don’t even notice those right before us.

School will be out for the next two weeks. The Guthrie Public Library will be close from the 25th to the 28th Don’t forget about the Free Tooth Extractions at Proud Dental this Saturday from 6am to 6pm at 324 N. 19th Street. It is not too late to catch a “ Territorial Christmas Carol at the Pollard Theatre or too see the Byron Berline Band perform Saturday night at the Double Stop Music Hall at 7:30pm.

Due to the celebration of the birth of baby Jesus we will not have a Chamber Coffee next week. We do have a host for our New Year’s Eve coffee, Calvert Tax Service! They are located at 105 W. Cleveland. The staff and the Volunteers at the Guthrie Chamber would like to wish you a safe and Happy Holiday!

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