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Woman accused of stealing thousands of dollars from handicap brother

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A Logan County woman is out on bond and is accused of fraudulently taking thousands of dollars from her down syndrome brother’s trust fund for her own personal living expenses.

CourthouseLast week, the Logan County District Attorney’s Office filed a felony charge of exploitation of a disabled adult on Barbara Ellen Burrow, 56.

In a court document, a case manager for Development Disabilities Services Division became suspicious of Burrow when asked to see bank records of her 58-year-old brother’s account that was setup by Medicaid from a social security settlement in Sept. 2007.

At one time, the account showed approximately $20,000 with Burrow as the trustee of the account. In Jan. 2013, the account balance showed $100.93.

The funding was intended to improve the quality of life for Burrow’s brother, who is profound to be a mental retardation person.

An advocate for the Office of Client Advocacy (OCA) was contacted by Burrow in Sept. 2012 stating she had used most, if not all of the monies. Burrow said she had been through some hardships and borrowed some of the money and had not been able to pay it back because she was destitute.

“Mainly for just survival, just to pay bills and things,” Burrow told the OCA agent. She went on to say she planned on paying the money back but had not been able to.

Burrow posted a $5,000 bond on Dec. 12 and is expected to be back in court on Feb. 19.

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