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Council extends city manager’s contract two years

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Guthrie City Manager Sereniah Breland received a two-year contract extension that now extends to Oct. 2017.

Image provided by Shelton's Photography and Design.

Image provided by Shelton’s Photography and Design.

Following an executive session, the Guthrie city council voted unanimously (7-0) to award the contract.

Along with the extension, the addendum employment agreement were added to Breland’s current contract.

Often referred as the “cool off” clause, if a councilmember desires an agenda item to discuss termination of the city manager must do so 10 business days prior to, advise the city manager on basis of termination and allow city manager 20 days to respond in writing.

The final addition to the renewed contract adds language to Breland’s severance package.

Severance pay, determined without cause, shall be paid in an amount equal to six months salary, plus one month per year completed with the City, but not to exceed 12 months, based on the employee’s current salary rate at time of termination.

Breland became Guthrie’s city manager in Sept. 2012.

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