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Skiatook shows out pouring support for fire victims; over $6,000 donated

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While the score board at Skiatook’s Dunlap Field left Guthrie football fans feeling the blues, fans and the people of Guthrie will forever be grateful and thankful to the people of Skiatook.

Photo by Jennifer Wyatt.

Photo by Jennifer Wyatt.

The BlueJays and Bulldogs met on the gridiron for a second round playoff game, but outside the gates and throughout the week, the people of Skiatook were donating money, gift cards and clothing for the fire victims of the Pinebrook apartment complex that resulted in the death of 9-month-old Harlem Lee.

“You are not alone,” organizer Dr. Tom Declue said in an interview with Guthrie Radio following a halftime ceremony.

“I am guessing if my house is burnt down and I had nothing I would feel kinda lost,” Declue said.

Declue, who is expected to be a guest on the Guthrie News & Sports Report show on Wednesday evening, handed over more than $6,000 to Guthrie High School Principal Chris LeGrande at the 50-yard line. Skiatook fans raised $2,300 outside the gates alone as they made their way into the stadium.

“I can’t say enough about how much has been done for us,” LeGrande told Tulsa’s NBC-TV affiliate.

“Skiatook is praying for Guthrie and all the fire victims. I know you are so proud of your town,” fellow organizer Tracy Rosser said in a post on Guthrie News Page’s Facebook page.

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