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Candle light vigil held for 9-month-old baby

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Just days after 9-month-old Harlem Lee died in a tragic apartment fire, many from the community came together Sunday evening for a candle light vigil at the apartment complex.

Harlem LeeWhile the weather conditions were not the best and the background serving as a reminder how devastating the fire was, it did not stop the ceremony from moving forward.

Tributes for baby Harlem were found in the parking lot with teddy bears and balloons placed by neighbors and small children, who were in attendance.

Also, showing support was the “Blue” team from the Guthrie Fire Department, who arrived to the scene in the early morning hours on Nov. 19.

“They wanted to come out here to show their support for the family and the neighbors,” Battalion Chief Erin Jones said of her crew.

Jones says the firefighters wish they could have done more, but the flames needed just seconds to turn into an inferno. Related story: 9-month-old infant found dead in apartment fire

“It was a tough situation. The whole scene was just over whelming when they got here. They just wish there was more they could do, but it was already so involved,” Jones said.

With the tragic death of Harlem, several others were forced to leave the burning building and for some having to leap from their apartment’s window on the second floor.

“They were so glad that the people who could escape the fire got out,” Jones mentioned.

With firefighters and friends gathering together, they shared a prayer for Harlem, victims and to all those who have been affected.

“Harlem may not be family or even friends of the family, but we want the family of sweet little Harlem Lee to know that they are not alone,” Allie Hall said.


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