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Arbitrator finds fault in firing of police officer; Bruning cleared to go back to work

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An arbitrator has ruled the City of Guthrie wrongfully terminated Lt. Mark Bruning with the Guthrie Police Department last October. Now, the officer is ready to get back to work.

Mark BruningIn addition, to the wrongful termination ruling, the arbitrator ruled Bruning is to return back to the department in the same position (lieutenant) when he was terminated and back pay. The ruling also states Bruning was suspended for six months without pay.

An official complaint was filed against the Guthrie Police Department and Bruning claiming the officer made an illegal arrest on his wife’s ex-husband following the Mumford and Sons concert on Sept. 7, 2013.

Bruning was later terminated on Oct. 2013 by the City after receiving the recommendation from an internal disciplinary hearing panel. A specific reason for the firing was not given. Related story: Guthrie police officer terminated on Monday

“Mark Bruning wanted to clear his name and he felt this arbitration does that,’ Bruning’s attorney Scott Adams told Guthrie News Page.

“He’ looking forward in getting back, being a lieutenant in Guthrie and doing what he does best which is getting the bad guys off the streets.”

Adams says he will be in contact with the City shortly to find out when they like for Bruning to report back to work and request to receive his back pay (seven months).

The City of Guthrie did not comment on the ruling.

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  1. November 24, 2014 at 10:26 pm

    This is a serious mistake to let him return and cost the city so much for a rude above the law punk . There supposed to be top of standards and he shouldn’t be allowed to have his job back . He treats people like there pieces of shit and I have no respect for him . I guess a higher power will someday give him just reward .

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