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United Way Logan County benefiting Maudie Hirschi Children’s Shelter

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The United Way Logan County continues to help support a Guthrie children’s shelter. The support comes at a time of state funding cuts.

The Maudie Hirschi Children’s Shelter, has been a part of Logan Community Services since both were founded in 1977. The shelter is funded for 9 children by the Office of Juvenile Affairs, and licensed to house up to 11 children at a time.

The shelter is currently keeping the number of children in residence to 6-8 children due to state funding cuts. Investment by United Way allows to provide education, treatment, and support to an increased number of children without regard to their ability to pay or qualification for a state funded program.

Maudie Hirschi Children’s Shelter in Guthrie.

Maudie Hirschi Children’s Shelter in Guthrie.

Each child is provided with three meals and two snacks a day, all hygiene essentials, therapy, transportation to appointments, clothing if needed, birthday parties, and an array of other services. Each eligible, school age child attends Guthrie Public Schools while in our care.

During the Fiscal Year 2014 (July 1, 2013- June 30, 2014) the shelter served 122 children ages  2-17 and provided those children with a total of 2952 days of care, serving 13,386.25 meals and snacks. Many of the children we served stayed in excess of 45 days, many stayed much longer.

United Way funding allows for us to care for three additional children a month. Oklahoma is currently facing a foster care crisis of epic proportion with a record 13,000 children in state custody. There is no place for these children to go. Without the help of United  Way and United Way partners, these children could end up in the streets or with abusive caregivers. The money that United Way gives to the Maudi Hirschi Youth Shelter not only allows us to shelter and care for these children, it saves these children’s lives. In my opinion, there is no greater cause in the state of Oklahoma at this time than the future of our children.

United Way funding fills funding gaps by providing funds for supplies, clothing, and other personal items for Shelter residents, and personnel costs. There are no other funds available for this purpose as State funding may not be used for the personal needs of the children.

If you would like more information concerning the United Way of Logan County or wish to make a contribution, you may contact Natalie Harden at 405-762-9330 or by email at nhardin@unitedwayokc.org

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