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Accidents increase in city limits; police now increasing traffic control

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Have you noticed an increase of traffic control from the Guthrie Police Department? The department has activated its motorcycle officer and has begun traffic enforcement activity throughout its major thoroughfares.

Reserve Officer Troy Westmoreland kept a close eye of people looking at the flood waters rise at 5th and Noble.

The increase in traffic control is in response to an increase in complaints from citizens, supported by information gathered from Department of Transportation and City of Guthrie streets employees who have observed and reported the same thing.

Guthrie Police Chief Don Sweger says police records reflect a five percent increase in accidents throughout the city.

“Our goal is to reduce the speed and distracted/aggressive driving violations and the number of accidents through active enforcement prior to the influx of holiday traffic and the increase of pedestrian traffic due to the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas school breaks,” Sweger said.

“These actions are being taken to better ensure that all of Guthrie’s citizens and those that are seeking us out as a regional tourist destination can enjoy a safe and happy holiday season.”

Sweger says the increase has occurred even as the department stopped more vehicles throughout the year.

Wreck“The only significant change from the department’s normal enforcement strategy is that it prioritized the actual stopping of offending vehicles higher than the issuance of citations. This resulted in an eleven percent decrease in traffic citations and a sixty-three percent increase in written warnings for traffic violations – effectively stopping more vehicles throughout the year but writing less citations in an attempt to reduce the financial impact to drivers while increasing visibility and officer presence.

The police chief goes on to say this year’s high number of traffic fatalities and the oncoming holiday seasons that always bring a greater number of vehicles and congestion, is a worrisome combination.

“We are encouraging drivers to be courteous to each other, drive defensively, slow down, pay attention and to turn off or put away any handheld electronic devices that may be a distraction,” Sweger said.

To report any dangerous drivers or driving conditions contact the police department immediately by calling 405-282-3535.

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