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GHS art students add Oklahoma themes to street light utility boxes

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The City of Guthrie and the Guthrie High School art department continue to work together on a community project were everyone benefits. Students continue to showcase their art abilities on the town’s street light utility boxes.

Att Street BoxThis past week 16 students added four more projects around town, including Wal-Mart and Division, Sooner and Division, Industrial and Division and Pine and Noble. Photo Gallery, Noble and Division and Wentz and Noble. Photo Gallery

The once bland, gray boxes, that stand near busy intersections, are now displayed with Oklahoma themed art.

The project started last year when officials from City Hall contacted Guthrie High School art teacher Lindsey Baker. Last October, students decorated four boxes at the intersections Harrison/Division, Oklahoma/Division. Photo Gallery

“The City would like to thank Ms. Baker and her students for their hard work and Pizza Hut for generously providing
lunch for the artists,” a city spokesperson said.

The City’s Historical Preservation Committee reviewed the drawings, volunteers primed the utility boxes while Pizza Hut donated lunch.

“I am hoping that we will be able to keep doing work in the city,” Baker said.

“The kids love it and I love getting art in the community.”

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