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Guthrie Fire Department hosts first ever wildland training

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Firefighters must make such split-second decisions every time they are out on a call. Without the proper training, lives of victims and firefighters will be at risk in an already dangerous situation. This past weekend, the Guthrie Fire Department hosted their first Guthrie Wildland training.

Photo By Cale Evans

Photo By Cale Evans

The weekend training for firefighting and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) was sponsored by Fire Service Training Oklahoma State University, Guthrie Fire-EMS, Logan County Emergency Management and Guthrie High School. The training brought 124 students together from 45 departments across the state that touched 19 counties.

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“We had students from all over the state here and overall a great turnout, especially for our first run,” Guthrie’s Fire Chief Eric Harlow said.

Nine classes were offered for students with four classes in firefighting and five with EMS.

Firefighters learned the fundamentals and skills, wildland incident commanders toolbox and emergency vehicle driving training. On the medical side, they learned rehab for wildland firefighting, burn emergencies, smoke inhalation, helicopter safety landing zone and crush injuries.

On the first day, fire crews took their classroom training and put it to work out in the field. In a controlled environment, students worked together to extinguish a wildland fire with hoses and fire tools.

In addition, Harlow was appreciative of David Ball, Guthrie Firefighters, Environmental Management Inc, Terry Bobo, Dennis Melton, Sonic on I-35, Missy’s Bakery and the Guthrie FOP lodge.

“We couldn’t have done it without all the cooperation.”

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