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Guthrie officer, nurse and custodian honored in saving teen’s life

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A trio of heroes were honored at Guthrie Junior High School after they helped save the life of a student from choking following the Homecoming parade in September.

Jonathan Williams

Photo By Bill Merickel

Officer Jonathan Williams, nurse Lana Rainwater and custodian Kenny Bohanan all worked together in removing a piece of candy that became lodged in the student’s throat.

An estimated 50 students and staff members, along with several Guthrie police officers, gathered at the school to recognize the heroic efforts on Wednesday morning.

Bohanan alerted Williams, by radio, about the student choking in the front lobby. Williams, who has served over 23 years in law enforcement, quickly responded and began performing the Heimlich maneuver. Shortly after, Rainwater reached into the teen’s mouth and pulled out the lodged candy.

“You know it was the first time in my twenty-three year career that I had performed the Heimlich in the line of duty,” Williams said.

“I wasn’t scared or nervous. My first and only thought was doing all I could to save the teen.”

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