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City and Chamber do not agree to contract terms; City takes over CVB

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The Guthrie Chamber of Commerce has overlooked the Convention and Visitors Bureau for the past 20 years, but effective immediately the City of Guthrie will now take over of the CVB after the two entities failed to reach a contract agreement.

Guthrie City HallIn the last council meeting, the City offered to renews a 12-month contract with some additions to the agreement, including the Chamber will submit an annual budget prior to approval by Chamber board, Chamber will provide City with marketing literature for distribution, Chamber office will be open four hours on Saturday’s of the 89er event and Victorian Christmas Walks, Chamber will notify the City of an event, inside the city, looking to be established within 72 hours of initial contact, submit marketing materials to City for review before being published and the Chamber will represent the City in a professional manner in person and in social media.

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Following the council meeting on Sept. 16, the Chamber board members met and offered a three-month contract to the City. However, the council did not consider the motion and with a vote declared an emergency clause to take over the CVB immediately.

The City has budgeted $133,007 for the upcoming year for the purpose of tourism. Ordinance No. 3263 allows the City to establish a CVB.

The ordinance goes on to say the board will consist of seven voting members, appointed by the City Council. Additionally, two council members may serve as ex officio.

City documents go on to say that City staff, a non-voting member, will manage the board and applicable contracts to provide tourism services. Staff will have financial data available as the CVB will be subject to all fiscal policies of the City.

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