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Former football player found guilty of assault on inmate

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It did not take long for a Logan County jury to find a former football player guilty of nearly beating an inmate to death inside the jail and has recommend a five year sentence. However, the once stand-out gridiron athlete, still has another case pending that could land him more time.

Sir Demarco Dartnayon BledsoeSir Demarco Dartanyon Bledsoe, 24, of Piedmont was found guilty to assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in the jail house beating of Gabriel Barr on July 1, 2013.

He is expected to be back in the county court room on Oct. 3 for sentencing.

According to court papers, Bledsoe quickly gained advantage of Barr in the fight and gained the top position. Once on top, Bledsoe delivered blows with his fist. The jail video appears to show Barr unconscious and no longer reacting to the punches. Afterwards according to a detective, Bledsoe stood above Barr and delivered three more blows to Barr’s head with his right foot. Again, Barr never reacted to the strikes.

Barr, who was sentenced to 20 years for first degree robbery and conspiracy to commit first degree robbery, received several fractures to the head, including eye, upper and lower jaw bone. Related story: Barr sentenced to 60 years; family still coping with crime

Bledsoe, who played high school football at Piedmont High School, was a defensive back for Langston University’s football team in 2011, and previously had played for Texas Christian University (2007-08) and Youngstown State University.

Bledsoe still facing robbery, kidnapping and assault charges on 2012 crime

Bledsoe was originally jailed in April 2012 with Randale Anderson in the alleged attack of James Sykes, a UCO student, where he was kidnapped, beaten, robbed and shot. Related story: Two arrested in kidnapping and robbery in Logan County

Bledsoe, who has released three court appointed attorney’s, has pled not guilty.

Anderson pleaded guilty to charges of robbery with a weapon, kidnapping and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in Sept. 2013. He was sentenced to 10 years, $1,500 worth of fines, a $250 victim compensation assessment and 100 hours of community service.

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