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Situational ethics? State official repeatedly votes yes for a unconstitutional bill

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County Sales Tax issue. The choice is yours.  The proposal in front of you Aug 26, is a County Tax of ¾ cents, Split three ways to fund fire departments, jail, and roads. 

Mark SharptonSome would have you believe that two separate individuals were at a Board of Commissioners Meeting asking the public to make a decision. We had one person attempt to interrupt the meeting. When invited to speak at the conclusion of business, he cowered away. This is the “courageous individual” filming the meetings.
My Representative’s voting record on logrolling (http://bit.ly/YEJNE4 ) is interesting. On House Bill No. 2032 he voted yes 8 times. On December 17 2013 the Oklahoma Supreme Court threw out the logrolled bill repeatedly supported by my Representative (http://bit.ly/1ABvPAu).  It was ruled by unanimous consent that it was a violation of the Oklahoma Constitution (http://bit.ly/YIJ7xC).

Black’s Law Dictionary
defines log rolling as “a legislative practice of embracing in one bill several distinct matters, none of which, perhaps, could singly obtain the assent of the legislature.” As one assessment of single subject rules related, “Not surprisingly, legislative log rolling is as old as the legal system itself.” By inserting unpopular and unrelated provisions into a popular bill, the log rolling legislator forces colleagues to vote for ideas they might otherwise oppose.

Our self ordained county crusader said “I intend to sponsor legislation during this next session to end this abuse.” I am not understanding why he violated the Constitution himself.  Hypocrite? Dastardly?

A few counties with sales taxes that is divided into parts include: Lincoln (10); Love (10);  McIntosh (15);  Murray (20); Pawnee (12); Pottawatomie (10); Kingfisher (8); Beaver (11); Caddo (10); Choctaw (7); Coal (8); Grant (12); Harper (9); Johnston (13); Payne (5).

It would be a nightmare for the Oklahoma Legislature to continue to interfere with local governments ability to serve you. Oppression!
On the ballot Tuesday is one issue, a county sales tax, that would fund roads, the jail, and fire departments. The Oklahoma State Statutes dictate that the monies be spent in accordance with the ballot language.

Thank you for going out and voting. I hope this exposes the true nature and intent of a wizard with an agenda.
  1. August 23, 2014 at 10:59 am

    How about changing the subject line here to: State official supported bill along with a strong majority of the State House that was LATER found to be unconstitutional after being signed by the Governor.

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