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Fowl hunting denied at Liberty Lake for 2014

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Despite the recommendation from the Guthrie Parks Board to allow water fowl hunting at Liberty Lake for the 2014 season, the Guthrie city council unanimously voted against the motion.

Liberty LakeIn a Special Park Board meeting on August 14, the board voted (5-0) in favor of allowing the water fowl hunting for the upcoming season. Board members heard from Lake Officer Anthony Gibbs. Afterwards, they heard from five hunters, who showed their support in hopes of being allowed to hunt on the lake’s property.

On Tuesday evening’s council meeting, Gibbs recommended not to allow water fowl hunting and had support from the city staff. Two residents spoke – one for the motion and one against. The final result from the council was seven no votes to deny fowl hunting.

Gibbs, who admitted the decision to cease hunting was not easy, says the duck hunting did not work cohesively with the master plan of Liberty Lake set by the council. Gibbs also noted the growing concern for campers who utilize the park and a lake attendant who will reside in the Liberty Lake house.

The hunting season (Oct. through Dec.) generated about $4,800 annually with 12 blinds.

A city spokesperson said the rise in activity at Liberty Lake has already led to a revenue increase of $20,000 and is projected to reach an estimated $35,000 by the end of the 2014 fiscal year.

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