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Driver lucky in several ways after crashing and falling 15 feet

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A Logan County driver was lucky in several different ways on Tuesday afternoon after driving off the roadway and went crashing down into a shallow stream of water near a bridge.

Wreck 08122014Emergency crews responded to County Road 66 and Midwest Boulevard for a one-vehicle accident at 2 p.m. At the same time, an EagleMed helicopter launched and was en route to the area in case a transport was needed. 

The crashed vehicle was equipped with OnStar’s navigation system and was able to put Guthrie Fire and EMS and a Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper in the general area. But, had no luck in locating the truck.

Once the helicopter was able to get over the general area, the eyes above found the truck and alerted the firefighters on the ground at 2:38 p.m. The truck had crashed partially under a bridge, in eight feet of grass and had fell approximately 15 feet down.

Wreck 08122014 2The Guthrie rescue team extricated the driver from the vehicle. The driver was reported to have escape major trauma with facial injuries and a hip injury.

The driver was able to be rushed to an Oklahoma City hospital via ambulance instead of through the air due to a paramedic on the ground, who was able to administer the proper drugs. 

The Guthrie Fire Department recently added paramedics to the department. If a paramedic had not been on duty, the patient would have been flown via the air ambulance.

The driver is believed to have been speeding and had reached for a cell phone after it had fallen from the console.

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