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Vehicle damaged in early morning storm

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Several residents heard and unfortunately saw some of the effects of Friday morning’s thunderstorm that ripped through downtown Guthrie.

carJust after 5:30 a.m., the winds and rain came howling. While the rain was a welcomed site, the winds left their marks on trash cans, barbecue grills, small plants and lawn furniture. The high winds snapped a tree limb, that came crashing down onto a vehicle and blocked the road way.

A white Chevy Blazer was parked near the intersection of Wentz and Warner when the limb came tumbling down. The vehicle’s windshield was busted out, the frame around the windshield was bent and the driver’s door was jammed and unable to be opened.

Guthrie police officers detoured traffic around the debris until the city’s Street Department was able to move the limbs from the Blazer and off of Wentz.

Several other tree limbs were spotted down throughout the downtown area, including at Cleveland Ave and First Street.

Photo Provided

Photo Provided

Wind gusts were recorded almost as high as 50 mph.

The good news was the additional rain in August. Guthrie has now seen back-to-back days of morning showers.

On Thursday, the area received .60 of an inch and an additional .73 on Friday. The two-day rain events area about half of what Guthrie sees on average for the month of August.

In northern Logan County, residents saw almost two inches of rain with an official total of 1.69 inches on Friday. Oklahoma County received less than a quarter of an inch of rain.

Rain chances remain in the forecast for Friday afternoon and evening at 40 percent for the Guthrie area.

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