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Church helping students with backpacks, supplies

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The Logan County Sheriff’s Office and Community Church in Guthrie are making an effort to increase awareness to help children and their families in Logan County with backpacks and school supplies.

School SuppliesJennifer Waggoner, with the church, says they  have identified over 100 students throughout the school district that will receive backpacks with the essential school supply needs.
“These bags are being filled by various people in our church and community.  Through working with children and parents, I became very aware of the financial strain that preparing a child for school can have,” Waggoner said.
“It became my heart’s desire to help families in their back-to-school preparation to help provide for this need.”
Waggoner went on to say that there are still some children that might not get a backpack this year or the encouragement from their family.  She then contact
Next, she contacted the Logan County Youth Shelter and found that there was a need for backpacks and supplies there too.

“We have joined the many others who desire to make a practical difference in the lives of children and families,” Waggoner said.

If you desire to be a part of this Fill-A-Backpack Mission, donations can be sent to Community Church marked “Fill-a-backpack mission” at PO box 1413, Guthrie, OK 73044 or for more information call the church at 282-1230.
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