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Rain and cooler temperatures are a welcome sight to Guthrie

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Much welcomed rain came splashing down throughout the Guthrie area on Wednesday morning, afternoon and evening. After it was all done over two inches had fallen.

StormThe official mesonet reading left the area with 2.53 inches of rain. Rain amounts increased in the southern parts of the county. Parts of northern Logan County missed out on the heavy portion of the rains.

With one final day left in July, Guthrie has received 5.29 inches so far in the month. In June, the area added an additional 5.33 inches after only seeing 4.44 inches from January to May.

In 2013, Guthrie received 24.24 inches in the first seven months of the year. So far in 2014, 15.06 has been collected.

The recent rains was too much for Chisholm Creek in southern Logan County. The creek left its banks before midnight forcing Charter Oak, between Santa Fe and Western, to be shut down as it spilled over in the low lying area.

A chance of rain remains in effect for Thursday morning. Mild temperatures remain throughout the weekend.

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  1. July 31, 2014 at 9:30 am

    How does Cottonwood Creek look like for todays access?

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