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Logan County District 2 Update: Three more miles being paved‏


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After a dry spell and then wet weather, we have moved past delays and Atlas Paving Company has recently finished laying asphalt on Simmons between Midwest and Douglas. This was made possible by a Phillips 66 contribution. Due to mechanical issues, it will most likely be Monday before Atlas begins paving Midwest between Charter Oak and Forrest Hills. This is a major accomplishment and the culmination of a lot of work and planning. Before and after pictures of Simmons east of Midwest can be seen at http://bit.ly/1rRnOmQ

Logan County Commissioner Mike Pearson

Logan County Commissioner Mike Pearson

The two miles of Midwest complete the plan to repave a four-mile corridor between Waterloo and Forrest Hills, a project which began in Sept. 2011. This corridor also connects with a mile of Forrest Hills between Midwest and Pine which was repaved in Nov. 2012. These good roads provide access to Waterloo and I-35 for people going to Edmond and OKC, as well as access to Seward and I-35 for people driving into Guthrie. Hopefully this will decrease some of the traffic on Pine between Charter Oak and Waterloo, an area requiring frequent repairs.

A side benefit of bringing these roads up to standard is that the time and money used in the past to maintain them can now be directed toward other road and bridge improvements.

We are currently processing an application to obtain Circuit Engineering District 5 money for safety striping on the three miles of newly paved road, as well as at least 5 miles of other roadways in the district.

As a reminder, a roll-off dumpster is still located at the District 2 county shop at 1550 N. Midwest Blvd. This dumpster is available to the public from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Mon. through Fri., except for holidays. If you need to access it on Saturday, you can make an appointment by calling the office at 282-3405 or my cell phone at 650-0384. The dumpster is available for solid waste only. Items which will not be accepted include garbage (any kind of food or vegetation), hazardous materials, appliances containing Freon, and rubber tires and liquids.


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